About The Awarding Body

‘Our mission is to empower schools to configure outstanding CPLD and in doing so improve the learning outcomes for young people’

The CPLD Quality Mark Partnership is the registered owner and Awarding Body of The CPLD Quality Mark. The Awarding Body team include Head Teachers, Local Authority advisers, Inspectors, Initial Teacher Training Directors, senior examiners, experienced quality mark advisers and assessors and specialists in a wide range of educational and HR issues.

Philosophy of The CPLD Quality Mark
Effective CPLD is the key process for improving the quality of provision and outcomes for our young people. The leadership, management and development of your staff team are critical to school improvement, as is the development of leaders. Your staff team are your most valuable asset and the only vehicle through which your ambitions, aims and objectives for your school will be achieved.

The attitude, values, expertise and skills of your staff make the difference to the success of your school. The continuous investment in the learning and development of the whole staff team lies at the heart of the school improvement agenda, and consequently, the opportunities and life chances that your school offers for its young people.

Effective CPLD is the strategic linking of staff learning and development to school, team and individual performance improvement. The remodelling of your school workforce is part of the drive to improve the quality of provision and outcomes for all young people, and so CPLD should cover all sections of the staff. Effective CPLD should also be personalised – tailored to the individual – and not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Personalisation makes people feel valued, promotes personal ambition and career progression, and generates a positive orientation towards the school. All individuals who work in schools will agree that world-class schools require a world-class workforce, and that effective CPLD coupled with ambitious leadership is the way to achieve this – leadership ambition and development are core features in The CPLD Quality Mark.

The approach that schools take to CPLD both signifies and embodies its values and shapes its culture and climate. A school which views CPLD as an entitlement for all staff and has personalised, as well as strategic approaches, demonstrates to its people that it views each of them and their contribution as important.

This leadership orientation improves morale and helps to build a positive climate. Students also want the people who engage with them to be highly qualified and well motivated – adults who act as role models in terms of their positive orientation towards their learning and development. International research has clearly shown that practitioners, who are open about their own learning and practice with students, create a climate of aspiration for students – a climate where there is honesty about the enterprise and challenges of learning and what it means to be an effective learner.

Client Focused
Our clients are important to us and we will strive to maintain high standards and a personalised service. To do this we will:

  • Strive to deliver exceptional service to ensure excellent client satisfaction
  • Ensure that we understand your needs and tailor our support to meet those needs
  • Do what we have agreed to do on time with a transparent charging structure
  • Deploy only high calibre individuals to work with you with expertise in the area of engagement
  • Act in a professional manner at all times, work to high standards and be polite
  • Monitor the quality of the work completed by associates
  • Deal with any complaints efficiently and let you know the outcome.

All Awarding Body staff and associates who visit your school will carry identification and will have a current CRB Disclosure document with them.