There are two stages to the process:

  1. Audit and development work to reach the required standards
    – a toolkit is provided to support this;
  2. External assessment by us to verify, accredit and celebrate your achievement.


We accredit your achievements at Bronze, Silver and Gold to provide increasing challenge.

What does it cover?

Staff engagement and CPLD are powerful levers for improvement, and this quality mark captures the full range of processes that define and shape excellent practice, Ofsted and research state have concluded that there are a number of key ingredients for successful CPLD and improvement outcomes. These key ingredients are framed within the nine strands [objectives] running throughout the Quality Mark.

Objective 1: Improvement strategy
Schoolchildren in a science classObjective 2: CPLD strategy
Objective 3: Leadership and Management CPLD
Objective 4: Leading and managing teams for performance improvement
Objective 5: Curriculum, teaching and learning
Objective 6: Professional progression and capacity building
Objective 7: CPLD delivery and partnerships
Objective 8: Impact evaluation
Objective 9: Continuous improvement in CPLD policy and practice

The Road Map to Outstanding CPLD

The Bronze award is equivalent to Ofsted’s judgement of “Good” CPLD provision and Silver equivalent to “Outstanding’ CPLD provision and practice – this assertion is based upon comparing our award levels with the results of Ofsted’s CPD themed inspection findings. The Gold award will take you beyond outstanding.

The steps to outstanding are well structured and mapped-out for you:

  1. Audit against the Bronze framework – this will tell you what you already have in place and will identify any development points needed to reach the standard.
  2. Once you have reached the Bronze standard you can either have an external assessment or carry on to the Silver.
  3. Expand your audit and complete the development points that arise from it.
  4. When you are ready, book your assessment and have your Silver provision validated.
  5. If you are really brilliant and want to go straight for Gold…you know what to do!


Your staff team are your greatest asset and only they can help you realise your ambition and vision…


Improvement towards your vision requires skilled and motivated people and so you must invest in them…


High quality CPLD provision and staff engagement have the greatest leverage on your improvement agenda…


The CPLD Quality Mark provides the road map to achieve a culture of continuous learning…