Work-based Training Providers

Developed in conjunction with members of the Kent Association of Training Providers, this version of the Quality Mark is designed support the provision of excellent CPLD for your staff team and works in tandem with the Matrix standard.  The award of the QM signals to stakeholders that your staff team are well qualified to do their vital jobs with learners, but also that you have robust leadership and management processes in place to ensure that you too are a learning centred organisation committed to high levels of staff performance.

Demonstrating that you are triangulated quality assured work-based training provider, alongside your track record, helps to convince funding-holders that you have the capacity and capability to deliver outcomes for learners thus helping then to achieve their targets in addition to securing life changing opportunities for young people.

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How does it work in practice and what do you get?

Feedback from the development and pilot stage indicated that work-based training providers prefer a single level award to compliment the Matrix Standard, along with a Continuous Improvement Plan.

Stage 1: Audit and Development work

First, you purchase the Toolkit, in electronic format, to support the development of your setting. This Toolkit contains:

  • Guidance Notes on how the QM works and what to do to successfully improve your practice and provision.
  1. The full QM Framework
  2. The Audit and Development Tool – this helps you to audit how good your current practice is and guides development to achieve your target level.
  3. A guide to assessment and accreditation.
  4. Free feedback on your Audit and Development Tool at any time.
  5. Free telephone and email support for 2 years or to your assessment.

It is important to realise that you can do the audit and development work at your own pace with our support as necessary, though once started managers have told us that it is better to keep the momentum going. Our Toolkit scaffolds your development work and treats you as experienced, independently minded professional – it does not dictate what you must do. This issue received very positive feedback during the pilot testing in settings

Stage 2: Assessment, Accreditation and Certification

Second, you apply to us for assessment. You will be guided on how to prepare for a successful assessment and you will be told in advance what will be assessed so that you can be well prepared. Your assessor will provide as much support as you need for this over the telephone and via email.


There are two payments – one for the Toolkit to get you started and one for assessment when you are ready, thus allowing you to spread the costs.

Stage 1 – The Toolkit costs £249 + VAT

Stage 2 – Assessment


The visit based assessment takes 6 hours and requires:

  1. Your completed Audit and Development Tool in advance
  2. A tour of your setting
  • A extended interview with the manager and scrutiny of your documentary evidence
  1. Confidential interviews with a sample of the staff team
  2. Verbal feedback
  3. A report
  • Accreditation letter and certificate if successful

This costs £899 + VAT which includes assessor travel and any accommodation.


You receive a logo for your website and stationery plus a display certificate.

Accreditation lasts for three years after which time you need to be re-assessed